When utilizing HBOT, oxygen is diffused into the tissues, organs, brain and fluids throughout the body through the pressurization of the hyperbaric chamber.

Increased oxygen in the body provides numerous benefits. Among them are:

  • • Enhances the body's natural healing process
  • • Reduces swelling/inflammation, bruising, and infections
  • • Improves recovery time from surgery and injury
  • • Increases brain cell function
  • • Restores oxygen to depleted tissues and cells
The following are US Medicare-approved indications for the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Other indications that would greatly benefit from HBOT:

  • FEEL BETTER - Increases your oxygen levels, promotes healing and counters aging.
  • MORE ENERGY - Boosts your energy levels, since 90% of energy comes from oxygen and only 10% comes from food and water; Lessens chronic fatigue syndrome; Gives you better sleep patterns.
  • NATURAL PAIN RELIEF - Natural remedy for migraines, headaches, and hangovers.
  • LESS SICKNESS - Strengthens your immune system
  • MENTAL CLARITY - Heightens your concentration, alertness, and memory.
  • EMOTIONAL WELL BEING - Calms your mind and stabilizes your nervous system.
  • NATURAL ANTIBIOTIC - Kills infectious bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites, without harming beneficial microorganisms vital to the immune system.
  • SUPPLEMENT BOOSTER - Enhances your body's intake of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, and other essential nutrients, from either natural food sources or from dietary supplements.
  • CLEANSES SYSTEM - Gives your body the added oxygen it needs to oxidize and eliminate built-up toxins and poisons.
  • FASTER RECOVERY - From injury, stress, or strenuous exercise; Improves muscle stiffness.

  • SMOKERS: The chemicals in cigarette smoke are known to inhibit your use of oxygen and constrict blood cells, thereby hindering their ability to transport oxygen throughout your body.
  • DRINKERS: Alcohol cuts off the supply of oxygen to the brain and damages the liver by constricting blood vessels and reducing the delivery of oxygen to liver cells. Oxygen therapy improves your hangover condition.
  • BABY BOOMERS: Once you pass 40, sufficient oxygen supply to the blood and tissues becomes more important in order to promote healing and counter aging.
  • ATHLETES: Maximizes your body's ability to build muscle and increase energy, stamina, and endurance; Improves mucle stiffness and supports pro-atheltic performance.
  • DIETERS: Gives your body the blood and tissue oxygen saturation it needs to make any fat-burning diet or exercise program work efficently. DId you know that when oxygen is scarce, carbs burn more readily than fat? Oxygen is the key to metabolism.
  • AEROBICS: Are you aware that aerobic literally means 'with oxygen' or 'in the presence of oxygen'? Burning fat is one use of oxygen by your body.
  • FREQUENT FLYERS & HIGH ALTITUDE ENTHUSIASTS: At high altitudes, your muscles and brain quickly become starved for oxygen and physical and mental fatigue sets in. Our oxygen lounge can relive your temporary altitude discomfort.
  • STUDENTS: New studies show that he brain is boosted by glucose and oxygen. More oxygen has been proven to increase memory, attention span, and learning ability in all age groups, which improves creaticvity and verbal fluency.